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Financial WHOA!

I will admit that this is a headline driven post. I have been financially woeful lately since having to confront a host of very foreboding financial transitions however I might not have blogged about them yet, much, or ever had I not thought of such a witty, perhaps punny title to this post (I say as I humbly bow my head).

With higher education comes higher debt. Prior to my graduate school acceptance I was paying off two credit cards and one hospital bill. This was my debt and while I had let those credit cards get a little out of hand at times (damn ebay) everything was still manageable. All I had to do was stick with my secure, relatively well paying full time job and eventually that debt would be lessened and I wouldn’t have too many bald patches from pulling at my hair.

But why follow that route when I can quit the stable job, move to the most expensive city in the US, attend a private university, and have no steady income in sight come August? Call me a dreamer, call me hopeful, call me crazy…just don’t call my cell phone. Minutes are expensive.

Isn’t there some person or computer out there that can weigh my current situation against my future plans and give me some formula for how smart or idiotic I am? Actually it is probably better that I don’t know.

I know that there are many people out there surviving mainly off of loans and once they can support themselves they are barely surviving by working to pay off their loans. Isn’t this the American way…or at least one of the options you can pick in the “Choose Your Own Adventure” book of American lifestyles? By the way I am working on this post in my cardiologist’s office where I am waiting to be told everything is fine, “your heart looks great” and then pay $400.
I would like to find a job in NYC but as of now I have no idea what my coursework and fieldwork hours will be like. But if there are any employers in Manhattan with flexible scheduling I have experience teaching, editing, filling cream puffs, stocking movies, selling clothes, sitting in a courtroom, restraining agitated youth, low-profile counseling, going to happy hour with ADAs and probation officers and I make a delicious yet sloppy pumpkin pie. Not to mention I can read Hebrew, know a smattering of Japanese and have extensive knowledge of old time radio shows. COME AND GET IT!

I currently work a shift that ends at 11:45pm. I am lucky if I am out of bed before noon and I am moving to “the city that never sleeps” to probably take 8am classes. And I’m worried about money? I’ll be lucky to make it down the stairs in one piece each morning.

Seriously though, I am excited for this big change or at least that is what I’m told. When I express my financial fears I am told that it will all work out. Now if I could just get a signed and notarized copy of that statement to provide to the banks that would be awesome.

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2 thoughts on “Financial WHOA!

  1. RoninAD on said:

    That is a picture of Joey Lawrence from back in the day, if you don’t get the reference please ask

  2. Something tells me you’ll succeed at whatever you put your mind to. I’ve been in the same boat many times; and I’m still alive … sometimes it seems like just barely. But, I would kick myself in the ass if I hadn’t made the effort to make my life better … or at least more interesting.

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