T.I.C. transitions

Jew on the Waves of Fate

About T.I.C. transitions

What is T.I.C. transitions? T.I.C. stands for The Inner Corner.  This was the name of the ‘zine I made in high school.  The two issues I created while in college were titled T.I.C. AcaDEMia.  It consisted of various items I found interesting including my own writing, other people’s writing, excerpts from the Witches’ Almanac, quotes, etc.  It was fun and random.  Since undergrad my writing has gone down in frequency and I need a way to work out that muscle.  Blogging has been suggested by a few people so this is what I am going to try.

As far as additional information about me, it will come however as the new T.I.C. subtitle suggests there are transitions going on in my life so the “About” section will most likely be fluid.

.transitions. There are so many things I love about change but it is a powerful force that still evokes anxiety in me.

I do struggle with the idea of blogs and people assuming someone out there will have any interest in their personal self-obsessed ramblings.  That said…I hope someone out there has some interest in my personal self-obsessed ramblings.

2 thoughts on “About T.I.C. transitions

  1. Iana on said:

    Congratulations on taking the step!

  2. Hi, nice to meet you !

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