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Rocky Mountain HAI

Dorothy Parker had a parrot named Onan.  When asked why, she pointed to the bottom of his cage and the bird seed that had spilled on the newspaper and replied: “Because he spills his seed upon the ground!”

 I was asked about the sin of Onan and the idea of contraception in Judaism.  Before I could respond, my son, Ronin, posted an excellent reply going right to the point (see comments on my previous blog).  Let me expand upon his insight a little.

The origin of the Mitzvah to procreate is found in בראשית  Genesis 1:28, in which G commands Adam and Havah to ‘be fruitful and multiply!”  This is not a negative commandment against contraception, it is a positive commandment to have kids.  The reinforcement for the Mitzvah is found in the source passage for this challenge, ברשאית Genesis 38:8 with the story of Onan and Tamar[1]. …

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This is an post from my father’s blog on halachic (Jewish Law) considerations of homosexuality. Fascinating!

Rocky Mountain HAI

I read an article that saddened me.  It was written by a Gay Orthodox Rabbi. You can imagine the conflict with which he has to struggle.  Here is a man who, if he acted upon his natural sexual orientation would be judged for breaking with Halacha, Jewish Law. And yet knowing that he would be condemned he  presided over a ‘commitment ceremony’ for two men.  In every Jewish movement other than the Orthodox and the Hasidim, there has been some form of awareness and acceptance of gay men and women or, as the latest acronym that is considered ‘pc’ puts it, the LBGT community.  Reform Judaism was the first movement to accept LBGT folk in the 70’s and the Conservative movement was the latest in 2006 but with dissent.  Each movement went through serious machinations to find a way of accepting the sexuality of this group of Jews.  Some of…

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